PAND, established in 1983, is a peace organization for artists and cultural workers that promotes, supports, and develops the peace work of artists and cultural workers, social stability, and conflict prevention primarily in Finland.


In 2024, the organization's key objectives include enhancing the visibility of content and initiatives emerging from the specialized expertise of artists and cultural workers, particularly in issues concerning peace, sustainable development, human rights, participatory democracy, nuclear disarmament, and equality.


As a new form of action to promote societal dialogue and peace culture, in 2024, PAND will begin producing and publishing a journalistically professional online publication called Uusi Sivu  (New Page.)


Are you interested in peace work? Join us by becoming a member and paying a €15 membership fee to Danskebank FI38 8000 1400 4607 63, with your name and email address as the message.



Peace work,  artistic activities and events in PANDila (Pengerkatu 22, Helsinki)


Shadow theatre Artist

Elviira Davidow

040 524 6484


Membership applications, organisational and financial matters, Uusi Sivu digital magazine, press 

secretary, treasurer

 Conceptual artist, journalist

JP (Juha-Pekka) Väisänen

050 573 8598