PAND is a peace organization for artists and cultural workers founded in 1983. Letters mean Performers and Artists for Nuclear Disarmament. American human rights activist and calypso singer Harry Belafonte brought to Finland the idea of international peace action against nuclear weapons and nuclear wars. The first chairman of PAND Finland was musician Otto Donner. 2024 PAND's president is shadow theatre artist Elviira Davidow.

Today, in Finland, artists' peace work is carried out using various professional high-quality tools of the arts. The organisation's cultural workers are professionals in their fields and promote, support and develop easily accessible peace work, social stability and conflict prevention together with artists, mainly in Finland.

In 2024, one of PAND's key objectives is to strengthen the visibility of content and initiatives arising from the special expertise of artists and cultural workers, especially in issues related to peace, sustainable development, human rights, participatory democracy, and equality.


Peace work and artistic activities


 Shadow theatre artist

Elviira Davidow

040 524 6484


Membership applications, organisational and financial matters

secretary, treasurer

 Conceptual artist

JP (Juha-Pekka) Väisänen

050 573 8598